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Budget app for iphone

Kick–Ass Budget Planner App

Kick-Ass Budget's innovative App is your perfect solution to track your income & expenditures. Every day you are aware "where your money goes" & will assist you to stay on budget. Any unexpected emergency will be resolved quickly by adjusting your spending.
Kick-ass Budget eliminates monthly cash flow , spread sheets Simple, easy access, tabs, repeat items, reminders, tips, "what not to do", "what is left", monthly printed results, taxes by Province & RRSP savings. This is your non stress, simple ,flexible app, which helps you to save for your future needs & desires.

  • Easy Access – no internet required
  • Expenses/ Income tracking
  • Repeat or Single Transactions
  • Historical Data
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Print statements
  • Carries your balance over to the next month
  • User friendly UI manages your finances
  • Tips Feature
  • Things "not to do"
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Big lifestyle -small means
Kick-ass non- essentials
Do sweat the small stuff
Revamp your old clothes
Learn to say NO frequently
Budget app for iphone
Peace of mind vs. anxiety
Cut the fat - not the fun
All loans - liquidated
Visa Paid in full - monthly
Retirement plan - on hand

Do sweat the small stuff

Small sacrifices equals Big Savings PAYOFF - Save $7  daily    =    $50,000 +  (25 yrs)

  • Learn to cook- Use Crockpot & microwave for simple nutritious meals. Your health and pocketbook will benefit
  • Carry water & healthy snacks daily
  • Be a well informed shopper - cut coupons- watch specials
  • Use prepaid phone cards- review all cell & computer charges- upgrade your equipment
    - ignore the latest gadget
  • Shop in your closet -coordinate colors-mix- match outfits
  • Buddy up with friend- Costco- split bulk essential items
  • Skip the 2nd cocktail - invite trusted friends for simple dinner parties & movie nights
  • Walk - healthy option - use public transit - start early ..... Ask yourself -do I need a cab
    - can I do without a car?
  • Purchase a roof over your head- however modest- buy with trusted friend (ironclad contract- obligations ) Rent spare room- do simple repairs- watch demonstrations at hardware and home shows) When equity sufficient sell and purchase own home. A paid off roof over your head = independence, less stress in life and - retirement.
  • Update your education - work part time- look for opportunities to advance, read educational books , observe trends & enjoy a hobby


  • Cosign a loan (suggest credit counseling)
  • Finance a holiday
  • Buy- on the spot specials
  • Sign without reading the fine print
  • Enter into any relationships without viewing each other's credit rating
  • Associate with people who depress ....lie .... or can't carry their financial obligations

Change your lifestyle and associates to match your income